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Everything we serve is sourced from local shops within 250 miles of Harvey House!

We serve favorites from Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Red Arrow Roasters, Blackout Baking Company, and Katich Breads.

Seasonally, we also serve delicious selections from our local farmer's market.

For more info on Blackout and Katich, read below or navigate to their websites.

Blackout Baking Company

"Blackout Baking Co. is a brick-and-mortar and e-commerce bakeshop specializing in bite-size gourmet cookies."

Katich Breads

"At Katich Breads, we strive to serve our customers and friends as if they are an extension of our own family."

Red Arrow Roasters

"Red Arrow Roasters is a mostly wholesale coffee roasting company. They offer a nice selection of packaged coffees from around the world, roasted light to medium to dark."


We are committed to reducing our environmental impact as much as possible. As such, in 2023 we became a member of the Illinois Green Business Program.

The Illinois Green Business Program offers hands-on help to support Oak Park local small business community with cost-saving and affordable sustainable business practices. Business owners can call the help line for quick advice, schedule a green business assessment, and receive a customized green business plan.

To minimize our ecological footprint we:
- Implemented an aggressive compost and recycling program, including participation in the teracycle program for recycling and composting FLAVIA coffee packs
- Made major changes to the HVAC system so that each room could control their own temperature
- Installed a new, electric, tankless hot boiler to run radiant heat in the floors
- Installed two new gas, tankless hot water heaters which supply hot water to the guest rooms
- Implemented low-water usage sprinkler system and drip-irrigation system to water the garden and patio plants
- Installed low voltage outdoor light system
- Began offering boxed water for purchase instead of bottled water
Please note: You cannot recycle plastic bags, and all recycled items must be thoroughly washed before recycling.
We have the bins labelled for your convenience.

We also have a water dispenser with filtered water at the main kitchen sink.
We welcome you to fill up your own reusable water bottle at anytime.

The vast majority of our guests reuse towels a second day to help conserve water.
If you prefer to have towels changed daily, there is a charge. Extra towels are provided.

Since COVID, guests must request housekeeping in order for us to enter and clean the rooms; if you would like housekeeping services please let us know and we would be happy to provide them free of charge.

Please let us know if you do not wish to reuse your towels and would like your towels changed out daily.

These are all easy steps we can take to support one another and the communities we love, - whether we live there, work there or are visiting.